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Our values

The corporate mission of Philippe Hottinger Finance is to provide its valued clients with a flawless delivery and execution across the full range of services it has to offer. Our teams are committed to making available to clients their best experience and knowledge in their respective fields of expertise ; such a constant involvement towards a paramount quality of service is grounded in the enduring values and work ethics endorsed by the Hottinger banking family.


This major point is best evidenced by our consistent approach and ways of making business with our past, present and future clients, by always keeping in mind both their long-term interest and our ongoing relationship with them. We are proud to be in a position in which our valued clients are willing to entrust us with other missions or are happy to provide referrals for the quality of our services.


The Philippe Hottinguer Group’s structure ensures that all of its clients benefit from independent management and advice, avoiding any conflict of interest and favoring the implementation of solutions that are best suited to them.

Entrepreneurial spirit

All members of our corporate finance practice share a common view an commitment to serve and act as entrepreneurs, and their contracts and terms of mission are fully aligned with the long-term performance of Philippe Hottinguer Finance, as measured by an array of qualitative and quantitative indicators, including client satisfaction.


Philippe Hottinguer Finance prides itself on being a structure on a human scale with a focus on reactivity and practicality. Our major in-house assets to that effect are our sense of being close and relating to clients and their issues, whilst making ourselves available in terms of time and resources. This comprehensive approach allows the teams of Philippe Hottinguer Finance to offer feasible, innovative and cost-effective advice and solutions.


At the forefront of our values stand the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality, utmost respect for the client, and excellence in the delivery of the product, all attributes that are a living testimony to family tradition.

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