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Philippe Hottinger Finance

Philippe Hottinger Finance brings together the expertise of recognized professionals across a broad spectrum of financial advisory services to corporate clients and investors alike.

On the strength of a comprehensive and forward-looking analysis of each client’s specific requirements and perspectives, our mission-oriented teams provide full guidance to the management and shareholders of medium-sized industrial and services companies.  All contemplated operations or transactions are thoroughly prepared and timed according to their objectives, keeping our clients involved at all stages of the ongoing processes.

We strongly believe that this structured and client-inclusive approach to corporate finance transactions helps to increase the chances of success of time- and means-constrained operations.

Our history
The foundations

After more than four centuries of activity in Switzerland, representatives of the Hottinguer family settled in France to found a bank in 1786 and develop a business flow then carried by the expansion of the wide-scale international trading. The founder of the bank, Jean-Conrad Hottinger, actively participates in the creation of the first shareholders syndicate of the Banque de France. He was named Baron of Empire in 1810.

The family

Generation after generation, the Hottingers participate in the creation of prestigious companies such as the Compagnie Générale des Eaux, the Caisse d’Epargne de Paris and the PLM railway company. They specialize in both the issuance and placement of securities – the most important of their time – and in financial and industrial investment.

Paths and development

In the twentieth century, the Hottingers extend their financial activities to the then very advanced insurance sector, by participating in the creation of the AXA Group. They are expanding internationally, settling again in Switzerland and creating companies in the United States to focus on financial advice, wealth management and real estate.

The entrepreneurial origins of the Philippe Hottinger Group

Back in 1997, on the occasion of a thorough review of their business activities and banking assets, the Hottinger family saw and acted on the opportunity to have their Paris-based Banque Hottinger join the Crédit Suisse Group at a time when high-end private banking properties were in strong demand all over Europe.

Philippe Hottinger then assumed senior executive positions within the Crédit Suisse investment banking division until 2003, at which time his decision was made to set up a new financial services boutique whose activities now constitute the Philippe Hottinger Group.

Founded and developed in strict accordance with a set of demanding  entrepreneurial principles  and a  work ethic steeped in family tradition, the Philippe Hottinger Group intends to make available to its valued clients its unique expertise in the fields of advisory services, corporate investments, wealth and asset management, thus offering a full range of high value financial services which have been the hallmark of the Hottinger banking family in the course of over two centuries.

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