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Backed by its expertise, professionalism and the recognised efficiency of its teams, Philippe Hottinguer Advisory provides companies and private clients with the best possible support to ensure that the issues they face are successfully resolved.

Financial advice for companies

Philippe Hottinger Advisory advises and assists its clients in their M&A transactions and specific operations like corporate divestitures. 

Our comprehensive approach is best described in the following step-by-step process :

  1. Strategic and competitive analysis ;
  2. Business plan and financial modeling, full valuation paper ;
  3. Drafting of the Information Memorandum ;
  4. Search for suitable target companies ;
  5. Financial and legal structuring of the contemplated operation ;
  6. Assistance for and review of milestone documents to the M&A process (Letter of Intent, Shareholders’ Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement) ;
  7. Guidance and advice in the final stages of negotiation and preparation for the closing.

Depending on the specifics of the transaction in progress, some of the above stages may be conducted successively or in sequence with a separate market operation like an IPO, the search for alternate sources of financing from an industrial partner, the reverse takeover of a listed company, or the purchase of a Special Purpose Vehicle.

Financial and wealth management advice for individuals

Wealth and tax assessment, implementation of a financial strategy and selection of the best solutions, service providers and investments.

Distribution of financial products

Philippe Hottinger Advisory’s mission is to promote the Philippe Hottinguer Group’s financial products.

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